Who We Are

Jeremy Nixon

Jeremy’s identity was identitilessness, until identitilessness realized that it, itself, had become an identity. And so it destroyed itself by creating an identity, and then looped and loops, recursively, destroying identity to reaffirm identitilessness, and destroying identitilessness to reaffirm identitilessnes.

In a bid to become uncompressible, Jeremy maximized his worldview for valuable self-variance. After re-modeling and so re-compressing himself, flagging in uncompressibility, he created and internalized novel conceptual schemes, creating new variance and re-uncompressing himself, just to model himself and become compressed and uninteresting once more. He’s currently looking to discover, create and internalize new and valuable modes of thinking.

Researcher @ Google Brain. Applied Mathematics / Computer Science / Economics @ Harvard. Top 10 in the nation in college Ultimate Frisbee Callahan voting. Creator of a distributed deep learning library for Spark. Writing Abstraction. His research focuses on meta-learning, representation learning, causality, safety.

Christopher Read

Say that we are all sculptors of self. Do we not, in clear moments, feel those bloodless abstractions, those pale imitations of life, those constructions of mind, that dead air, which ground out nowhere. You say you are such-and-such a person, as if our greatest psychologists could find this you!

But more seriously, how to become what you are is one difficult instance of a high-dimensional problem — the highest or second highest, and good fodder. Like all problems, it can be cast as an abstract structure. These structures operate according to laws. To know the laws is to answer the only real, at-bottom question: solving the problem of problems. Christopher is constructing a solution.

Machine Learning & Data Science @ Brex. History @ Harvard. Top 10 in the nation: most perfect AP scores. Founder-CEO-CTO @ Legion, a machine learning cryptocurrency trading outfit. Founder @ Archangel, a venture capital firm. Writing Ambition. He works towards “suffering from a respectable delusion.”