Recombination is a fabulous generator of ideas. Take existing concepts and ask how are they related, how can they be combined. Walk away with new conceptions.

For example, combining evolution and identity leads to considering sub-personalities in a selection context for mindshare, each attempting to shape the world for the benefit of itself. Combining evolution and ideas gives you memetics. The hierarchical structure of most ideas allows for meaningful recombinations, and often the rediscovery of critical concepts.

Run over quality targets or reframes or prompts, self-generated or otherwise, and ask how they can be recombined with each other. You can do this between lists or intra-list, and over what you generated versus the prompts.

  1. What does a supervillian with only 5 hours a week do to finish the thing do?
  2. How would Nietzsche answer the Thiel questions?

Body of Practice. Recombine ideas over each other until something feels like it clicks. Each person is going to have different levels of closeness, similarity, and relatedness between these ideas.

Or, play recombination hotseat!
Sit one person up front of a few other creative minds. Have them throw out two seemingly unrelated terms. The player in the seat has to generate a novel, interesting, or valuable composition of the two words thrown out, in real time.