Prepared, for the moment
when your must replace your reality.

Becoming Generative

Categories of Technique

  1. Mind Wandering, Daydreaming, and Relaxation - Intentionally enter default mode
  2. Abstract and Generalize / Analogize - Transfer over similar problems & solutions
  3. Composition / Recombination
  4. Idea Lists
  5. Decomposition
  6. Randomness
  7. Idea Mapping, Graphs of Relationships between Ideas
  8. Leading questions
  9. Reframe / Question Assumptions
  10. Multiple levels of analysis
  11. Think ground up, from first principles
  12. Automation
  13. Thought Habits / Mental.
  14. Inversion
  15. Activities
  16. Social Solutions

By decomposing the processes that generate your most valuable thoughts and breakthroughs, you can design a powerful conceptual toolkit aligned with your current creative style.